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Our KGH Hypnobirthing

Session 1 

After introductions, the first session will cover the principles of hypnobirthing and why it works so well. We talk through hormones, what’s going on in the brain, the muscles of the uterus and how they are all connected. 

After this session you’ll have a clear understanding of hypnobirthing and will be ready to learn more. 


Session 2:

Next we talk about how to prepare for birth mentally & physically. Rachel

will guide you through breathing techniques and relaxations to calm your mind and increase your confidence. Then we’ll discuss the importance of positioning in pregnancy, and other tips for preparing your body for birth. 


Session 3: 

We like to call this the ‘what if…?’ session. 

We’ll discuss things that often come up at the end of pregnancy such as stretch & sweeps, going beyond your estimated due date and induction. Rachel also likes to discuss instrumental birth and caesarean sections, so you feel prepared for all types of birth. Discussion also covers how to work with your caregivers and how care in the NHS maternity system works. This is all essential in helping you achieve the birth you want.


Session 4:

This is where the ‘antenatal education’ comes in. Here we talk through topics such as:

  • Writing your birth preferences

  • Place of birth

  • Signs of labour

  • Comfort measures (or you may currently know this as pain relief)

We’ll discuss physiological birth, the phases of labour and what to expect, as well as watching some positive birth videos and stories. 


So there you have it! Everything you’ll learn on this course will help you feel informed and excited to birth your baby. It’ll give you confidence, and if you put in the practice (don’t worry, it’s not much!) it can make a real positive difference to your labour experience.


I like our sessions to be relaxed, fun, engaging and with plenty of time to ask questions. We’ll have regular breaks & lunch is provided during face to face group classes. 


Please note: 

Face to Face Groups: 

  • Session 1 & 2 on Day 1

  • Session 3 & 4 on Day 2


Online Groups & One to Ones:

Held over 4 evenings, 1 session per evening. 


Every course includes all the resources you need to recap your knowledge and practice what you learn.


Can’t wait to see you on the next one! 

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