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Group Antenatal Education Course Content

What to expect from your four week course...

Week 1:

The first session is about meeting the group (this course can enable you to make life long friends that will continue to be your support network after the course ends). You will then be provided with information on the last stages of pregnancy (how you may feel, what to expect). We discuss the signs of labour and what to do when labour starts. We talk about birth choices in Oxfordshire and the options you need to consider before the birth (venue, birthing partner, contact numbers).

Week 2: 

Now that you have met your course members we dive into labour and birth. I discuss the timeline of events and your feelings/emotions around this time. We also discuss pain relief and alternative therapies. We can discuss birth preferences. I teach breathing and pushing techniques that you could use for the birth. I will outline some possible scenarios for your labour and birth (e.g. c-sections, episiotomy or if you are having an induction of labour).

Week 3: 

The third week is infant feeding. I will explain (and demonstrate with props) colostrum harvesting and breastfeeding. We discuss positioning and attachment in depth, with supporting literature to help you remember in the future. I also discuss artificial feeding and the use of teets.

Week 4: 

The last week is about the immediate postnatal period for you and your baby. The topics covered are feeding, thermoregulation, nappy changing, bathing, safe sleeping, contraception, the role of the community midwife, support you have on offer and your mood postnatally (including signs of postnatal depression).

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Will be very sad to have finished our groups classes of From bumps to babies after tonight, but could not recommend these classes highly enough. Whether you are a first time parent or have children already and want to prepare for your next lovely little addition to your happy home, Lily is sure to give you the knowledge and confidence to embrace this life changing event. We were blessed to have such a great group as well, who have been very supportive and we plan to regularly meet up with leading up to the birth of our daughter and hopefully for years to come. Great classes, excellent teaching and fantastic experience. Book now and experience it for yourselves! Jack, Kayleigh and Bump

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